Mack Adds Shocks to Lift Axles

March 7, 2019

Factory-installed auxiliary axles on Mack Granite models now feature standard shock absorbers for improved ride comfort, durability and tire life.

By absorbing and helping reduce excessive vibrations, the shocks help improve durability of the lift axles and the heavy truck, the company said. They also help prevent uncontrolled axle hop and increase auxiliary axle tire life and improve driver comfort.

“Mack’s factory-installed auxiliary axle options offer an integrated solution that improves lead time to customers who need to meet stringent bridge laws,” said Tim Wrinkle, construction product manager. “And now, with standard shock absorbers, we’re lowering those customers’ total cost of ownership, while improving the everyday comfort of their drivers.”

Mack factory-installed auxiliary axles are tested and validated to Mack standards, and feature Huck Bolt installation for added durability. The auxiliary axles are factory aligned and their operation is fully integrated. In addition to laser-engraved axle up/down switches on the dash, operation of the axle is preprogramed to raise when reverse is selected and during key-off.

Mack’s factory-installed auxiliary axles with standard shock absorbers are available on Mack Granite axle forward and axle back models.