Bodies, Trailer, Dump

Bodies, Trailer, Dump

Berkelmans 16-ton Off-road Dump Trailer

Jan. 11, 2019
Heavy-duty 16-ton off-road dump trailer weighs in at 6,000 pounds and is best suited for hauling construction debris, dirt, gravel, and stone.

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Mountain Tarp ESR2000 Tarping System

Oct. 10, 2018
ESR2000 is an electric side-to-side lock and roll tarping system for dump bodies for paving and construction.
Bodies, Trailer, Dump

American Carrier Steel Semi-Bottom-Dump Trailer

All-steel, tandem-axle, semi-bottom-dump trailer is for severe-duty applications is 30 percent lighter, has 300 percent greater structural integrity, and accommodates 12.5 percent...

Crysteel High ‘N Slide Tailgate

Available as part of the company’s Select Dump Body program, the High ‘N Slide tailgate is billed as offering traditional dump-through, sliding, and high-lift functionality in...
SideDump trailer

Side Dump Industries

Sept. 28, 2010
Adaptable to all trailers manufactured by Side Dump Industries, the new High Side Revolution Series side-dump trailers can increase hauling capacity up to 60 cubic yards. After...