ACPA Puts Emphasis on Safety

Jan. 30, 2023
The American Concrete Pumping Association has launched a safety campaign and re-released a video in efforts to promote job site safety. The video, “The Ray Ainsworth Story (Electrocution),” is a...

The American Concrete Pumping Association has launched a safety campaign and re-released a video in efforts to promote job site safety.

The video, “The Ray Ainsworth Story (Electrocution),” is a case study about the high-voltage accident that nearly took Ainsworth’s life. He suffered severe burns on his limbs, torso, back, and head, and lost a finger and the use of his right hand.

The ACPA’s re-release of the video preserves Ainsworth’s story while also providing updated guidance on power line safety. Measures that have changed since the video’s inception more than a decade ago include the ACPA’s extension of the 17-foot rule to a minimum clearance of 20 feet from power lines carrying up to 350,000 volts (and 50 feet for 350,000+ volts). Other updates include the requirement of a spotter when power lines are in the boom movement area of a pour and responsibilities outlined in ASME B30.27, Material Placement Systems.

ACPA job site safety campaign

Separately, ACPA launched a job site safety campaign centered on ASME B30.27, the safety standard for material placement systems such as concrete pumps. The campaign highlights the responsibilities of each trade working with or around a concrete pump under the standard.

“The ACPA saw an industry need to ensure that everyone on the job site has a clear understanding of their responsibilities under the ASME B30.27 standard,” said Christi Collins, executive director, in a statement. “Our goal of this campaign is to encourage partnering across all the trades because, when we all work together, we create a safer environment for everyone.”

The cornerstone of the campaign is a new microsite——which provides and promotes valuable information to all who work with or around concrete pump equipment. The microsite serves as an educational resource to familiarize all parties with the standard and provides videos, downloadable flyers, job site responsibilities by trade, FAQs and much more.

What is ASME B30.27?

The B30.27 standard is intended to prevent or minimize injury to workers and otherwise provide for the protection of life, limb and property by prescribing safety requirements. It provides direction to manufacturers, owners, employers, users and others concerned with or responsible for its application, and guide governments and other regulatory bodies in the development, promulgation and enforcement of appropriate safety directives.

Since its first publication in 2005, the standard has gone through several reviews (every five years), with revisions including the addition of a competency requirement, the definition of “signalperson" and job site responsibilities. Although the most recent version of the standard, published in 2020, includes some revisions and redesignations, there were no changes to the job site responsibilities established in the 2014 version.

“By raising awareness and providing valuable resources, this campaign will help construction trades prevent accidents, protect their workers and partner together to heighten safety awareness for everyone on a job site,” said Tabah Nez, safety director for the ACPA. “We are most efficient when everyone is armed with knowledge and then gets involved in the planning process.”

Source: American Concrete Pumping Association

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