Top 100: Tight Tail Swing and Offset Boom

September 28, 2010

Komatsu PC58UU-3 mini-excavator Komatsu's PC58UU-3 mini-excavator has an offset boom and tight tail swing that minimizes risk of damage to the machine and its surroundings. The mini-excavator can rotate with minimal protrusion by both the counterweight and the work equipment, even with a loaded bucket. Optional "Road Liner" undercarriage combines the merits of a standard track pad with the benefits of a rubber undercarriage. Instead of replacing a complete belt, only the track pad is required to be replaced if it wears out. The unit's operating weight is 11,540 pounds; digging depth is 18 feet 7 inches with extended reach; and over-front lift capacity is 5,060 pounds. Estimated price: $66,175.