Top 100: RFID Keeps Tabs on Tools

September 28, 2010

BoschAccording to Bosch, tool-using companies, such as construction firms, typically incur costs of $.40 per hour per employee to replace misplaced tools. To help reduce these costs, Bosch's Safe & Sound radio frequency identification (RFID) program assists in tracking tools by supplying, writing-to and installing RFID tags into its new power tools. The company also offers to install tags into older Bosch tools (for just the cost of the tag) through its Factory Service Centers, and will supply RFID tags for competitive tools, but suggests authorized dealers install them. When RFID technology is fully developed, says Bosch, a tool could report its purchase date and location, warranty history, recent users and service history. RFID tags typically add 3 to 5 percent to the price of a new tool.