Top 100: Auto-Limiter Allows All Outrigger Positions

September 28, 2010

Tadano 's TR-600XXL-4Tadano 's TR-600XXL-4 is the only 60-ton rough-terrain crane available with a five-section boom, and its 146-foot boom-tip height is 22 feet taller than any RT up to 80 tons. Operators can extend the four outriggers to four different lengths. Tadano's AML automatically detects individual outrigger position, boom length, boom angle and actual load, then calculates maximum allowable lift over each quadrant of the machine. If the operator picks a load safely and begins to swing or boom out or down toward a position that would exceed the load chart for the machine's current setup, the AML slows the hydraulics and brings the load to a safe stop before the crane becomes unstable. Estimated list price: $520,000.