Master Lock ProSeries Bluetooth Padlocks

Oct. 1, 2021

Master Lock has expanded its Bluetooth-enabled product family with the introduction of its ProSeries Padlocks.

The high-security padlocks come with a variety of shackle options, durable weather cover, and software compatibility, offering job sites enhanced security and cloud-based simplicity. The Vault Enterprise system provides businesses the most convenient way to control access, manage assets, and improve accountability, while eliminating the cost, security risk and complexity of physical key management, the company says. By utilizing Vault Enterprise, businesses of all sizes can experience seamless integration with the extended family of Master Lock’s indoor and outdoor padlocks, lock boxes, and door controller for comprehensive security with no incremental credential fees included.

A numeric 10-digit keypad improves flexibility and means administrators and authorized employees can now gain access to locks through manual codes, in addition to access via mobile app.