TrueLook Jobsite Surveillance

May 20, 2022
Jobsite Surveillance protects job sites in real time

The TrueLook Jobsite Surveillance feature is designed to reduce theft at construction sites and minimize the risk for loss of time, money, and equipment.

It protects job sites by identifying perpetrators in real time, verifying threats, and contacting law enforcement to stop criminals in the act. Utilizing Intelligent Motion Alerts, customers can select the areas and hours they want visibility on their job site. Customers can also choose to include or exclude certain areas of a job site. If activity is detected in the designated zones during monitored hours, a video clip of the event will be sent to a trained monitoring representative. The representative will review the clip and determine if the threat is real.

If the threat is verified, the representative will contact the customer to verify a legitimate security threat is occurring. The customer can then choose to request emergency services or dismiss the alert.