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Terex Roadbuilding RS446D Reclaimer Stabilizer Improves Fuel Efficiency


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Terex Roadbuilding RS446D Reclaimer Stabilizer Improves Fuel Efficiency

Redesigned RS446D reclaimer/stabilizer has a 415-horsepower Tier 4-Interim diesel that improves fuel efficiency over its predecessor. Noise levels are also reduced, by 5 dB(A), to the operator’s ear. Two-stage engine drive and three-speed cutter transmission increases breakout force, Terex Roadbuilding says, and a shorter engine cowling improves line of sight. Compared to the C Series, the RS446D increases torque to the mechanical cutter drive system, which combined with three rotor speed selections, allows the operator to more effectively match cutter speed to the application. Cutting width is 96 inches, and maximum cutting depth is 20 inches. Four steering modes—crab, coordinated, front only and rear only—improve machine maneuverability and flexibility at the job site, Terex Roadbuilding says. Transport weight is 59,380 pounds with standard cab and water system. The machine’s transport height with cab and ROPS is 11 feet 6 inches, and width is 10 feet 4 inches.

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