Terex Fuchs MHL360 F Material Handlers Can be Customized

May 13, 2015
Terex Fuchs MHL360 F Material Handlers Can be Customized

The MHL360 F and MHL360 F HD material handlers are available with different boom and stick configurations to customize machine reach to job site demands and can pick material from up to a 59-foot radius around the machine. Elevated cabs offer a maximum 20.1-foot eye-level elevation and independent forward movement of up to 7.2 feet.

Emissions standards are attained with a 255-horsepower engine that uses both EGR and SCR technologies. Passive regeneration of the DPF replaces previous active regeneration to provide a simpler system that eliminates the need for a burner for filter regeneration, thereby saving fuel. Programmable automatic engine shut-off and automatic idling further reduce fuel consumption, the company says.

Three engine modes include “Power Mode” for full power and speed, “Eco Mode” reduces engine rpm by 12 percent, and “Eco+ Mode” reduces engine rpm by 19 percent.

The Heavy Duty MHL360 F HD machine has a wider and longer undercarriage footprint for increased operating stability, especially when working at extended reaches, the company says. The hydraulics deliver improved machine responsiveness to operator commands compared to previous models, according to the company. A dedicated swing circuit allows both slewing and lifting functions with uncompromising precision, while system improvements require fewer turns of the steering wheel for improved on-site maneuverability. Faster response of attachment grab open and close and rotating functions improve load cycles over previous models.

New joystick configuration places all critical machine movements within the operator’s reach and leaves room for customization, while the more responsive joysticks help to improve operator productivity and comfort.