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Terex Fuchs MHL360 E Material Handler


Material Handler Excavators

The MHL360 E material handler has a Tier 4-Interim, six-cylinder, 254-horsepower turbocharged engine that offers more power than the D Series and improves fuel consumption. High-performance hydraulic system features a separate slewing circuit, allowing machine swiveling to quickly start and stop. The Terex Fuchs energy recovery feature feeds braking energy back into the main hydraulic pump as the operator slows slewing of the upper structure to reduce load on the engine. The system delivers up to 20 percent faster load cycles over the D-Series, says the company. The engine uses EGR and automatic regeneration of the DPF. Both the engine and hydraulic system incorporate larger cooling systems, protected by vented panels, to increase airflow. The hydraulically height-adjustable cab offers a maximum eye-level elevation of up to 20.1 feet above ground level and independent forward movement up to 7.2 feet.

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