[VIDEO] WALL-E Robot Tracks Errors

Aug. 8, 2019

Barcelona-based tech company Scaled Robotics has aimed to minimize the amount of errors on a construction site by automating progress monitoring with autonomous mobile robots. According to the article, approximately 20 percent of construction costs come from reworking project errors.

To do this, Scaled Robotics build a “WALL-E doppelganger” to navigate worksites, and build maps by fusing images, video, and data. These robots have currently been deployed in various construction sites around the world, including Dura Vermeer in the Netherlands. 

Co-founder Stuart Maggs told TechCrunch that it was surprisingly easy to convince the construction industry of the robot’s value by highlighting true needs when onsite. Features like providing a high-res comparison of a digital model to the on-the-ground build site that helps managers keep close track of progress. 

According to Maggs, the company was born out of frustration “of not having tools to build what we designed in the office.” 

Source: TechCrunch