Robotic Technology Tracks Onsite Progress

January 3, 2019
Construction site.

Scaled Robotics, a Barcelona, Spain-based startup, has developed robotic technology to track onsite progress and check for health and safety standards. According to Bim+, the four-wheeled robot is able to maneuver autonomously around a building site, and capture 3D survey scans and panoramic photos of ongoing construction.

Stuart Maggs, CEO of Scaled Robotics, told BIM+, “We’re basically automating progress tracking to ensure that contractors understand precise progress on site to keep things ticking over smoothly. Site managers need to know things like how many ducts have been installed that day, whether steel columns are in the right place, or if edge protection is fully compliant….”

The robot’s custom-designed software uses computer vision to identify building elements and highlight differences with the original building information model (BIM). This data can also be used to track health and safety hazards.

According to Maggs, using a robot to scan projects help to move toward fully automating progress monitoring.

Scaled Robots will release a full-time pilot of the technology in 2019.

Source: BIM+