Telematics Usage in Construction

Nov. 22, 2022
Survey reveals gaps between availability and implementation

Fleet managers universally accept the premise that machine data matters. From basic geofencing to sophisticated lifecycle costing, the data gathered by onboard sensors and transmitted via telematics to facilities across regions, the nation, and even the globe enable effective management of equipment.

But there continues to be a disconnect between accepting and acting on telematics. Construction Equipment fielded a survey to find out just how wide that gap is. We sent email invitations to our audience to participate in the survey, and 112 responded.

The technology to transmit machine data is standard on most new heavy equipment, and many third-party telematics providers offer services that include connecting machines that do not.

But even with connected machines, managers wrestle with how best to use the data. In-house development, third-party service providers, and equipment dealers offer options. Our survey reveals just how fleets are using telematics today.


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