Talbert 6-Axle, 60-Ton Steer Dolly

July 19, 2013

The 6-axle, 60-ton steer dolly from Talbert Manufacturing is designed to handle self-supporting superloads from heavy, low-riding materials, such as bridge beams and steel girders, to tower sections for wind energy development.

Originally developed for use with the company’s double schnabel to haul wind energy components, the 6-axle steer dolly can now be used as a stand-alone product for alternate trailer configurations. The unit comprises two groups of three axles with the axles in each group spaced at 60 inches. With a bunk between the two groups that is connected to the rear-axle bearings through a tie rod system, the total spread is 16 feet 1 inch. This configuration allows operators to carry more weight and complies with federal bridge laws, Talbert says.