Takeuchi Upgrades TB1140 Excavator

February 27, 2013

The TB1140 Series 2 excavator now has a Tier 4-Interim engine, upgraded to an Isuzu 3-liter using CEGR and DPF aftertreatment. The Eco Work Mode switch limits maximum engine speed and optimizes machine performance to help improve fuel consumption by 8 to 15 percent. The Auto Idle system slows the engine to low idle when the machine is not actively being used. The engine speed then returns to the previously set position when the operator actuates a hydraulic function to easily resume operation. New Multiple Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuits and Adjustable Work Modes allow several attachment combinations to be operated at one time, and provide easy adjustments to match the machine’s performance to the specific requirements of a given attachment. The primary circuit has three selectable modes that can each be configured for specific attachments while the secondary circuit has a single adjustable mode. Available undercarriage include a true continuous 20-inch wide rubber track, a 24-inch wide triple grouser steel track, or a 20-inch Road Liner style track that uses a steel chain combined rubber integrated into the steel grouser.