United Rentals Adds Solar Battery Generators

Jan. 2, 2024
The Hipower solar battery generator converts sun energy and stores it on site.

United Rentals (URI) will add mobile micro grid battery power to its fleet of rental equipment. Hipower EHR solar battery generators pair a battery energy storage system with power provided by integrated photovoltaic solar panels and a propane generator.

The unit has a 5.0 kW peak solar array and extendable panels. Converted energy from the sun is stored in the system’s batteries. The unit also has a 45kVA generator that provides power running on propane.

The hybrid power solution minimizes generator run time by storing energy in the battery system and running on battery power whenever possible. The smart grid controller turns on the generator when the batteries run low due to reduced sunlight or increased demand. Once sufficient battery charge is reached through sunlight and/or generator, the controller turns the generator off.

The solar battery generator can be mounted on a 20x8-foot trailer or a skid for transport to and from job sites. The microgrid has many job site applications, including a charging station for equipment or electric tools and trucks. It can also power temporary office spaces such as container offices, mobile office trailers, guard shacks, restroom trailers and trailer complexes. For small to midsize jobsites, the generator could potentially serve as the single source of power, depending on load requirements, according to URI.

“As part of its commitment to providing a more electric equipment rental fleet, United Rentals is leading the way in offering on-site, sustainable charging stations to ensure customers can easily and efficiently recharge electric equipment,” said Rafael Acosta, president at Hipower, in a statement. “They were an instrumental partner in helping us develop the EHR Solar Battery Generator, a cutting-edge microgrid system that has the potential to revolutionize power generation and energy management.”

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