Steep Grades No Problem

September 28, 2010

BomagBomag's smooth-drum BW124DH-3 and padfoot-drum BW124PDH-3 have dual travel pumps, a no-spin differential and standard drum drive. These features, along with increased operating weight and 31 percent more engine horsepower, give the machines more tractive effort than their predecessors. The payoff is a 37-percent boost in maximum gradeability. These new single-drum, vibratory rollers also feature two amplitude settings and a high vibration frequency (2,460 vpm), allowing them, says Bomag, to deliver optimum performance in a broad range of materials. The rollers can achieve a high-amplitude centrifugal force of 19,125 pounds. List prices range from $57,300 for the smooth-drum model, to $69,300 for the padfoot with a leveling blade.