Sany Dev. Hydrogen Fuel Trucks


Sany hydrogen fuel cell truck.

Sany, is developing hydrogen fuel cell construction trucks; two recent examples include a dump truck and a mixer truck, freshly rolled out of Sany’s intelligent flagship factory, according to Green Car Congress. The mixer truck is the first hydrogen power mixer in the world, according to Sany.

Hydrogen fuel cell construction trucks have several important advantages—one being the realization of “zero pollution” with only water and heat being discharged. 

The new trucks also offer long battery life, according to the article. A set of hydrogen cylinders with a combined capacity of 1,680 L ensures a driving distance of more than 300 miles. The high-power fuel stack also features an energy conversion rate of over 50 percent, helping the vehicle demonstrate enhanced acceleration. 

Enhanced weather adaptability is also a factor. The integrated heat management system performs automatic heating and cooling in hot and cold weather conditions to maintain optimal performance. From a safety perspective, functions include high heat protection, overcurrent protection, a low pressure alarm, and leakage detection.

Source: Green Car Congress, PR Newswire