Roadtec Shuttle Buggy


Material Transfer Vehicles

Roadtec Shuttle Buggy

The Autotracking package for the Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle (MTV) automates the machine’s speed control, allowing it to operate at a continuous speed with the paver. The new optional feature enables the paver to set the speed for the Shuttle Buggy, preventing defects in the mat associated with stopping and starting the paver.

Without Autotracking, the MTV operator must continuously monitor and adjust the machine’s speed to keep a constant distance from the paver; with the Autotracking package, the speed of the Shuttle Buggy is automatically adjusted up or down to maintain a set distance from the paver.

This option, says Roadtec, seamlessly links the paving train and improves operation by eliminating inconsistencies with speed and distance. Pendant controls give the paver operator the ability to enable or disable Autotracking and to swing the machine’s conveyor.

Two light towers on the Shuttle Buggy indicate when paver speed is increasing, decreasing, or maintaining the appropriate distance between the machines.