Material Transfer Vehicles

Material Transfer Vehicles

Dynapac MF2500CS Material Feeder

March 8, 2018
The Dynapac MF2500CS material-transfer-vehicle (MTV) product family includes two new models, the MF2500CS and MF2500CS with SwingApp, that are designed to handle a variety of ...

Roadtec MTV-1100e1
Material Transfer Vehicles

Roadtec MTV-1100e Transfer Vehicle

April 21, 2017
The MTV-1100e material transfer vehicle is 9 feet 10.5 inches tall with a deck height of 6 feet 2 inches, which the company says allows the operator to be closer to the ground...
Cedarapids CR662RM RoadMix web
Asphalt Pavers, Wheeled

Cedarapids CR662RM RoadMix

June 30, 2016
The Cedarapids CR662RM RoadMix is a combination material transfer vehicle and asphalt paver. The unit has a ground contact pressure of 21 psi when fully loaded. According to BOMAG...
Roadtec SB-2500e MTV
Material Transfer Vehicles

Roadtec SB-2500e Material Transfer Vehicle

April 20, 2016
The SB-2500e shuttle buggy MTV has a patented anti-segregation triple-pitch auger that remixes materials just before they are delivered to the asphalt paver at rates of up to ...
Vogele MT 3000-2i MTV
Material Transfer Vehicles

Vogele MT 3000-2i MTV Moves 1300 Tons Per Hour

Sept. 11, 2015
The MT 3000-2i material transfer vehicle moves 1,300 tons per hour, the company says, with two 16-inch-diameter conical augers providing active remixing in the hopper. Primary...
RoadTec Shuttle Buggy
Material Transfer Vehicles

Roadtec Shuttle Buggy

March 23, 2015
The Autotracking package for the Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle (MTV) automates the machine’s speed control, allowing it to operate at a continuous speed with the paver...
Guntert_Zimmerman MP550
Material Transfer Vehicles

Guntert & Zimmerman MP550 Material Placer

Dec. 15, 2014
The MP550 material placer has four-wheel drive and dual-axle steering for an inside turning radius of 12 feet. The hopper’s front lip is 23 inches above the ground, and the 35...
Material Transfer Vehicles

Masaba Side Dump Truck Unloader

The Masaba Side Dump Truck Unloader eliminates dumping material on the ground and re-handling, according to the company.This unit features an 8- x 40-foot hopper with a 30-cubic...
Terex CR662
Asphalt Paver - Tracked

Terex CR662RM RoadMix Material Transfer Vehicle, Paver

May 3, 2012
Model CR662RM RoadMix material transfer vehicle and paver has a Tier 4-Interim diesel from Cummins, the QSB6.7, that delivers 260 horsepower. Although it provides the same power...