Roadtec RX-100e Milling Machine

June 4, 2013

Roadtec RX-100e has a base cutting width of 20 inches and the capability to cut 8 inches deep. According to Roadtec, the 140-horsepower RX-100e’s weight, power, and dimensions suit it for applications in narrow spaces or requiring precise maneuvering, such as milling around manholes. The machine uses a hydraulically driven drum, which, says Roadtec, is highly efficient, provides exceptional performance, and requires minimal maintenance. Large access doors on both sides of the machine provide access for interior-component maintenance. The right-rear leg tube on the RX-100e is positioned alongside the cutter housing for normal milling, but can also be rotated to a position in front of the cutter housing for flush-cut operation. The operator seat also can slide out to the right of the machine for enhanced visibility. The RX-100e’s Cummins engine is Tier 4-Interim compliant and cooled by a variable-speed fan that adjusts speed based on cooling demand, contributing to decreased engine load and a boost in fuel economy.