RDO to Sell Topcon Intelligent Paving Products in 8 States

January 21, 2020
A milling machine discharges into a dump truck
RDO will sell Topcon Intelligent Paving products across 8 states.

RDO Equipment stores will sell Topcon’s Intelligent Paving products across Arizona, California, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

This is the result of an agreement between RDO Integrated Controls (RDOIC) and Pavement Recycling Systems (PRS). PRS will support RDOIC in the training and demonstrations of the equipment.

Topcon’s Intelligent Paving Suite of products includes intelligent compaction machine control and GNSS equipment. The products are designed to improve roadbuilding accuracy and consistency for millers and pavers.

Adam Gilbertson, VP of RDOIC and RDO Equipment's Midwest Construction–West region, said the industry is starting to see more projects requiring high-precision technology on everything from pavers to rollers, and companies that adopt these new technology methods now will be in the best position to bid and secure jobs spec’d with this specialized requirement.

“Topcon has introduced innovative technology that will help to reduce cost and improve quality in road building and resurfacing,” Gilbertson said. “This new technology will require our team at RDOIC to become more involved as a partner to our clients as they implement it in their work. That is why this partnership with PRS is a great opportunity for us to team up with an industry expert who is already leading the way in making roadbuilding a more cost-effective, fiscally responsible process.”

Don Matthews, PRS chief engineer, said that PRS has been using the products for a few years and has seen an improvement in quality on their projects. “We are excited to support the team at RDOIC in demonstrating what an Intelligent Paving solution can do for projects. It is the way roadways will be built in the future.”