Pickup Truck Management Trends

By Rod Sutton, Editorial Director | June 26, 2017
How do fleet managers handle pickup trucks

In May, we reported on how equipment managers acquire and maintain work trucks, labeling them the “unsung workhorses” of the constrution equipment fleet. This month, we turn our attention to the other end of the truck category: pickup trucks.

Scan any construction job site, and pickup trucks are there. They are the transportation of choice for workers, managers, and owners, and they haul every manner of material, from tools to compact equipment. They populate every fleet size, from owner-operator to joint venture.

The editors of Construction Equipment surveyed subscribers who have pickups in their fleets in order to determine how many trucks are in fleets, how they are acquired and maintained, and how long they are kept in a fleet. We sent emails to this group, inviting them to participate in an online survey, and about 150 responded to part or all of the survey.

We divided pickup trucks into two groups, at the 1-ton mark, and found ample populations in both sub-categories, providing a detailed look at pickup truck usage in construction equipment fleets.

The results of the Construction Equipment 2017 Pickup Truck Study follow.

How many pickup trucks in a fleet?

How fleet managers acquire pickup trucks

How fleet managers use pickup trucks

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