September 28, 2010

Perkins Engines’ latest Tier 4 Interim diesel engines, called the 1200 Series, will use the company’s own NOx-reduction technology that does not require SCR and urea. A 7-liter, six-cylinder top of the range is capable of 302 horsepower, a 21-percent output increase over Perkins’ current 5.5-liter engine. The 1206E-E70TTA has series turbochargers. The smaller first-stage turbo accelerates quickly for fast response and torque at low speeds, while the larger second stage provides greater airflow for more power density. The shorter stroke 1206E-66TA is a 6.6-liter engine under 175 horsepower. And the 1204E-E44 will be offered in a TA version, with single turbocharger, and a TTA twin turbo.