Hamm HC 50i, HC 70i soil compactors

Dec. 12, 2022
Drum widths are 53.9 and 66.1 inches

HC 50i and HC 70i Hamm soil compactors replace their H Series predecessors. Operating weights are 11,455 pounds for the 50i and 15,567 pounds for the 70i; drum widths are 53.9 and 66.1 inches, respectively.

Permanent all-wheel drive with anti-slip control and drive motors provide gradeability and high ground clearance. With 3-point articulation and a short wheelbase enable handling benefits, especially on narrow sites, according to the company.

Both the open version and enclosed cab offer wide fields of vision, and a camera system with a monitor is optional. LED work lighting is standard in the cab version.

The completely redesigned cab provides convenient access and has specially curved windows. The adjustable seat system includes a seat that can be moved to the side.

The compactors can operate with either diesel or HVO fuel. ECO mode limits engine speed, and parameters have been selected so that most jobs can be done in ECO mode, without sacrificing compaction power, according to the company.

Optional automatic engine stop reduces diesel consumption by automatically switching off the engine under certain conditions. At the same time, the automatic mechanism takes into account the requirements of the exhaust gas purification with diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Compactors are available with smooth drums or padfoot drums with vibration. Two-piece padfoot shells can be retrofitted for the smooth drum.

The HC 70i is also available with a VIO smooth drum that can compact either with vibration or oscillation.

Hamm HC 50i Compactor Specs

  • Operating weight w/ cab: 11,455 lb.
  • Drum width: 53.9 in.
  • Drum diameter: 39.4 in.
  • Vibration frequency: 1,800 vpm
  • Amplitude: 0.062 in.
  • Power: 75.2 hp @ 2,200 rpm

Hamm HC 70i Compactor Specs

  • Operating weight w/ cab: 15,567 lb.
  • Drum width: 66.1 in.
  • Drum diameter: 47.9 in.
  • Vibration frequency: 1,800 vpm
  • Amplitude: 0.067 in.
  • Power: 75.3 hp @ 2,200 rpm