Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Ligchine Screedsaver Max Plus Screed

Sept. 12, 2021
The Ligchine Screedsaver Max Plus screed is a mid-range screed that features the patent-pending SwingBoom pivoting frame.The frame provides unmatched screed head maneuverability...

Husqvarna BV 30i
Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Husqvarna BV 30i Screed

July 20, 2021
The battery-powered BV 30i screed is an eco-sensible choice, according to Husqvarna, paired with improved ergonomics, easy operation, and low maintenance. The machine uses zero...
Screeds, Vibrating

Somero S-22EZ Laser Screed

The S-22EZ Laser Screed has a new EZ Clean Head that has a rolled profile on the auger support beam and pivots 90 degrees to make cleaning faster and easier. Additional refinements...
Somero S-10A laser screed
Screeds, Vibrating

Somero S-10A Laser Screed Machine

Feb. 5, 2016
The S-10A laser screed machine has a boom reach of 20 feet with a head size of 10 feet, making it capable of leveling 200 square feet in a pass. Powered by a 35-horsepower Kubota...
Somero S-940 screed
Screeds, Vibrating

Somero S-940 Screed

Feb. 5, 2016
The S-940 has a 10-foot screed head with auger motor that can screed on chaired mesh, chaired rebar, heat tubes and some slab on deck. It also has a 9-foot raking/fine grade head...
Screeds, Vibrating

Atlas Copco BV30 Vibrating Screed

March 9, 2015
The compact, single-beam BV30 vibrating screed allows contractors to level concrete in a variety of applications, including garage floors and driveways, as well as in confined...
Terex Finlay 883 Spaleck
Screeds, Vibrating

Terex Finlay 883 Spaleck Screening Machine

April 30, 2013
The result of a joint partnership between Terex Finlay and Spaleck, the mobile 883 screening machine has the 2-deck screenbox. Stepped top deck design is coupled with flip flow...