Dynapac Highway Pavers, Screeds

April 7, 2022

Range of Dynapac asphalt pavers and screeds includes the D30T 10-foot tracked paver; D30W 10-foot wheeled asphalt paver; D25T 8-foot tracked paver; and D25W 8-foot wheeled paver. Screed models include Mat Master 16R, with a range of 8 to 16 feet, and the Mat Master 20R, range 10 to 20 feet.

Dynapac asphalt paver features

  • iTrack ultra duty rubber track design
  • Dynamic suspension control (DSC)
  • Mat Master screeds are equipped with DiveStop and Active Screed Assist

Dual independent tractor consoles provide flexible working positions for the operator. The smart dashboard and HMI design on the tractor and screed allows the operator to be focused on the paving job during long paving hours. User-friendly swing out dashboards are equipped with toggle and rocker switches within easy reach.

The feed system is designed to provide multiple options depending on the crew’s preference and paving scenarios. With proportional Dual Sensor Mode, auger speed is controlled by ultrasonic sensors, and the conveyor follows the auger speed. With proportional Quad Sensor Mode, the auger and conveyor work independently with their own sensors.