Caterpillar Large Asphalt Pavers

April 5, 2022

Models AP600, AP655, AP1000, and AP1055 Caterpillar asphalt pavers have been updated with technology, new screeds, and visibility enhancements.

Cat screed updates

The SE47 FM and SE60 FM Cat screeds have front-mounted extenders for wider width paving for paving ranges of 8 to 20 feet 6 inches, and 10 to 25 feet 6 inches, respectively.

Pave start assistant is an optional asphalt paver management tool that simplifies setup for repeatable performance on job sites with similar paving requirements. The integrated system records the functioning conditions of both the paver and screed including paving width, paving speed, and tow-point position. When moving to a similar job site, the operator activates a previously recorded profile from the display menu, and the system matches machine setup specifications. This option is available on the SE50 V, SE50 VT, SE60 V, SE60 V XW and SE60 VT XW screeds.

Cat paver technology

An optional sensor has been added to measure material height in the hopper, with an indicator located on the operating display that enables the operator to quickly determine when to continue paving or when to call for more material. An optional temperature sensor keeps the operator informed of the asphalt temperatures being delivered to the paver for a quality control process check.

The optional Cat infrared camera and a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) enabled by RTK accuracy enables contractors to monitor asphalt surface temperatures in real time.

A new flashing design on the front of the hopper offers increased memory and temperature resiliency that helps provide better spill prevention. In addition, scrapers located on the backside of the hopper help prevent leaks between the hopper wings and engine compartment.