Bomag BW11RH-5 Pneumatic Roller

March 23, 2015

The BW11RH-5 pneumatic-tire roller features 35-degree, center-point, articulated steering with an inside turning radius of 10 feet, allowing the front and rear tires to maintain tracking in turns, says Bomag, for full-width compaction in tight, winding curves with minimal passes. Five front tires and four rear tires cover 68 inches of compaction width with zero frame overhang. The nine 7.5x15, 14-ply tires can provide fully ballasted wheel loads reaching 2,200 pounds and ground-contact pressures to 82 psi.

The new roller also features ballast compartments integrated into the frame, strategically placed, says Bomag, to lower the machine’s center of gravity. Operating weights can be adjusted from 12,231 to 20,000 pounds to suit the application.

The 74-horsepower Kubota diesel in the BW11RH-5 is Tier 4-Final compliant, and the roller’s hydrostatic drive system has three travel speeds.

An optional pressurized spray system, with cocoa mats at each tire for even lubrication, extend water use says Bomag, and optional heat shields help maintain high operating temperatures at the tires to reduce material pickup.