Nebraska invests in state runways

Oct. 30, 2023
$1.5 million for pavement and runway work.

Two airports in Nebraska have been awarded funding for pavement maintenance and runway rehabilitation. The Nebraska Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics said $1.56 million has been allocated for local airports in Basset and Bloomfield.

Bassett will receive $40,000 for pavement maintenance, and Bloomfield will receive $1,523,610 for a complete runway rehabilitation.

“We’re happy to partner with our local airports to help support them in their critical functions,” said Jeremy Borrell, director of aeronautics, in a statement. “We understand the importance of these airports to the communities’ agricultural productivity, economic development, healthcare access, and greater regional needs.”

Both projects are critical to preserving existing assets in Nebraska’s robust rural aviation system, according to the DOT. The use of state funds will help both airports continue to serve their customers.

Source: Nebraska Department of Transportation

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