“Smart Compact” Guides Roller Operators: Hamm

Jan. 31, 2023
Hamm “Smart Compact” helps compactor operators to select the right drum and the right type of compaction (vibration, oscillation, or static) for...

Hamm “Smart Compact” helps compactor operators to select the right drum and the right type of compaction (vibration, oscillation, or static) for various applications.

The operator specifies whether a base-, binder or asphalt surface course is to be compacted. Smart Compact evaluates different physical properties of the asphalt, such as the temperature or rigidity, and takes into account the complex cooling behavior of the asphalt. There is also the option of integrating a weather station to provide local weather information.

Smart Compact then determines the most suitable compaction settings for each of the two drums. Data input and data output are managed via a dedicated display on the dashboard, which turns with the seat and stays in view of the operator.

The system also recognizes when dynamic compaction is no longer advisable, for instance, if the asphalt temperature is too low. It automatically cancels the dynamic compaction and puts the roller into ECO mode. This reduces the engine speed by up to 20 percent and reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent, according to the company.

In addition, Hamm offers a PDS interface (proximity detection system) that can integrate modern collision prevention solutions. The interface provides data that can be used by different systems to autonomously detect people or objects in front of and behind the machine, and to automatically stop the roller when needed. The interface is available for rollers from the HD+ series, the HX series, the HP series, and the HC series.

Source: Hamm

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