Wirtgen W 150 F(i) mills in tight spaces

Sept. 19, 2023
Compact milling machine mills to 6 feet wide and 13 inches deep.

Model W 150 F(i) Wirtgen milling machine has a milling width of 6 feet and is powered by a 422-horsepower John Deere diesel engine. Maximum milling depth is 13 inches.

Mill Assist controls engine speed in order to balance performance with operating costs. The lower speed range reduces fuel consumption and tooth wear; the upper range optimizes milling pattern for higher performance rates.

Level Pro Active leveling system integrates 3D and laser leveling systems and a revised Multiplex system with 3-fold scanning. All sensors and measurement values are displayed on the control panel to maximize process efficiency. The system is fully integrated in the control system with important machine functions directly interconnected.

The operator’s platform can be adjusted laterally for a view along the zero-clearance side. A camera/monitor system with two to six cameras provides an overview of areas that are otherwise hard to see from the operator’s platform. The 5-inch control screen in the multifunctional armrest displays all machine-relevant information.

The wear-resistant quick-change HT22 toolholder system reduces toolholder wear by up to 25% over the predecessor. The quick-change system for milling drums, MCS (Multiple Cutting System), enables rapid adjustment of working width.