The BM 1200/35-2 milling machine has a maximum milling width of 42.7 inches, and an enhanced swiveling mechanism enables selective milling.

Powered by a 350-horsepower engine, the cold planer effectively matches power with drum speed for efficient milling at depths reaching 13 inches.

Maximum operating weight is 56,000 pounds. Its height-adjustable conveyor belt offers a maximum discharge height of 15.7 feet and swivels 45 degrees to either side. Both inner and outer conveyor belts can be quickly disassembled for simple servicing.

Its drive system offers infinitely variable working speeds reaching 15.2 fpm and travel speeds from 0-4.7 mph.

Vibration-isolated operator station provides comfortable operation from either a seated or standing position, plus additional cushioning at platform standing areas helps combat fatigue. Height-adjustable seats swivel 45 degrees in either direction to improve visibility.

Easy Level clearly displays grade and slope settings on the 7-inch display. Mill settings are quickly changed with minimal navigation and limited submenus on the monitor for intuitive, efficient operation.

Variable milling speeds between three application-specific presets on the control panel allow the operator to tailor drum speed to the material to increase milling efficiency. The slim design of the BMS 15 L tool holder increases milling drum efficiency by converting more power into force on the cutting tool. The design improves cutter life and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent, according to the company.

All key machine service points are easily accessible, and all filters can be conveniently reached from the operator’s platform through the wide-opening engine hood, as are the fill ports for fuel and DEF.

Large left- and right-hand service panels provide simple accessibility to the machine’s auxiliary drive and milling gear, and engine service points are easily accessed from both above and below.