Link-Belt 145 X4 Excavator

October 5, 2017
Link-Belt 145 X4 excavator has a 102-horsepower Isuzu engine that meets Tier 4-F requirements

The new Link-Belt 145 X4 minimum-swing-radius excavator from LBX Co., available for U.S. and Canadian markets, is designed for easy transport and is versatile enough, says LBX, to take on a variety of tasks, such as water/sewer pipeline construction, residential construction, highway/street construction, excavation work, and truck loading. A dozer blade is available to further expand the 145 X4’s capability. The 145 X4 excavator has both faster cycle times and increased lifting capability, compared with its predecessor model.

Link-Belt 145 X4 Specifications

  • Operating weight: 32,100 pounds
  • Max. dig depth: 19.75 feet
  • Max reach, ground level: 28.25 feet
  • Bucket capacity, heaped: 0.50-0.98 cubic yards

The new excavator features an electronically controlled, 102-horsepower Isuzu engine that meets Tier 4-F requirements without a diesel particulate filter. The engine’s emissions-control system uses a selective-catalytic-reduction system with a 12-gallon tank for diesel exhaust fluid.

In the new excavator’s hydraulic system, hydraulic flow from two electrically controlled Kawasaki variable-displacement axial-piston pumps and from a single Kawasaki gear pump is metered and channeled to meet function demands, efficiently and precisely, says LBX. Hydraulic efficiency also contributes to fuel efficiency, which is estimated to be 6 percent better than that of the predecessor model.

The ROPS/FOPS-certified cab is designed for operator ergonomics and comfort, says the company, and a large, automotive-grade, high-back, suspended seat provides lumbar support, with a tilt feature and heated cushions available as options. Arm rests move proportionally with the console, which keeps the distance and angle between joysticks and operator constant as the seat is adjusted. A 7-inch LCD color monitor allows the operator to navigate a full menu of intuitive controls for primary functions and for attachments, says LBX. New features include a fuel-consumption display, machine information display, and time setting capability.

The standard rear-view camera, accessible through the monitor, displays a panoramic view of the worksite from the rear of the machine, with sight guidelines that can be switched on or off by the operator. Rear and side lights also can be added to enhance the camera system. For the ultimate in visibility, says the company, the optional Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System uses three closed-circuit, high-resolution cameras that provide a 230-degree viewing envelope.

Other notable new cab features include newly designed joysticks with easy-to-hold grips and radio mute buttons; dual halogen cab lights (with optional LED lighting); MP3 audio input, Bluetooth-enabled for hands-free communication; and cup holder and storage areas for cell phones and small items. An easy-to-access, standard, pattern-control changer allows operators to select controls most to their liking.

The 145 X4 is designed for ground-level access to all routine service points, including sample ports for engine oil and hydraulic fluid. All service ports are accessed via hand-turn knobs.

LBX’s RemoteCARE, the company’s GPS-enabled telematics system, provides machine location, remote-monitoring, security capability, and diagnostic codes (via the monitor with automatic generation of e-mail alerts). A six-year subscription to the telematics system is included at no extra charge.