Genesis Attachments Adds 2 Logix Processors

Sept. 28, 2010

A desire by demolition contractors to put Logix Processors to work in more tricky spots prompted the multi-jaw attachment's manufacturer to double the model offering.

Genesis Attachments now offers the LXP 200 and LXP 400 models, in addition to the established LXP 300 and LXP 500, thus providing third-member demolition attachment versatility for excavators in each of the 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-metric-ton classes. All four models are available with pulverizer, shear and concrete cracker jaw sets.

"We're seeing a lot more instances of people wanting to use high-reach equipment," says Steve Letko, Genesis research and development manager.

At about 85 percent of the LXP 500's body weight, with similar ratios for the various jaw sets, the LXP 400 provides a larger demolition tool platform for high-reach jobs. The LXP 400, equipped with the shear jaw set, weighs 11,065 pounds —almost 2,000 pounds less than the comparable LXP 500.

By extension, the shear-equipped LXP 200 at 5,370 pounds — or 2,230 pounds less than the LXP 300 — is particularly well suited for ultra-high-reach jobs. Each of the first LXP 200 models built by Superior, Wisc.-based Genesis was placed into reach applications, notes Letko.

While providing an established boost in power over traditional multi-jaw attachments, the Logix Processor line is also impressing customers with quickness, "in both its processing speed and the job changeover speed," says Letko.

"The less time they're spending changing jobs, the more work they can be getting done."

Changing jaw sets is, at most, a 15-minute job for the carrier operator and an on-the-ground worker.

"It's basically removing two manual pins for the cylinder pin connections, removing a cover plate, and hitting a switch in the cab," says Letko. "It's that easy."

Logix Processor shear sets use the same piercing tips and blades as the popular Genesis GXP mobile shears, suiting them for heavy structural steel including I-beams.

"Bolt-on wear parts have become something of a mainstay for Genesis products," says Letko. "Our ultimate goal in everything we design is productivity and reduced downtime; this approach to wear parts gives our customers both."

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LXP Processors offer single-tool power with multi-jaw versatility. Each of four models are available with shear, pulverizer and concrete cracker jaw sets. Here, the new LXP 400 model is being used to help take down a bridge.
Basic Specs: Genesis Logix Processors
Jaw Model Jaw Set Total Opening (in.) Weight (lb.)
Source: Genesis Attachments
LXP 200 Shear 17 5,370
LXP 200 Pulverizer 29 5,670
LXP 200 Cracker 38 5,652
LXP 300 Shear 22 7,600
LXP 300 Pulverizer 35 7,270
LXP 300 Cracker 43 7,560
LXP 400 Shear 24 11,065
LXP 400 Pulverizer 38 11,255
LXP 400 Cracker 47 11,145
LXP 500 Shear 27 12,905
LXP 500 Pulverizer 43 12,705
LXP 500 Cracker 51 12,718