LBX X4 Series Excavators

November 14, 2014

Four new Link-Belt X4 excavator models—250X4, 300X4, 350X4, and the 250X4LF (long-front) that digs to more than 47 feet—feature electronically controlled Isuzu engines that meet Tier 4-Final emissions standards. The new engines use selective catalytic reduction after-treatment, but no diesel particulate filter. According to the manufacturer, LBX, the new models deliver up to 12 percent improved fuel efficiency, compared with previous models, and the redesigned hydraulic system can speed cycle times by as much as 12 percent.

According to LBX, the implement hydraulic system for the new models features a 30-percent larger main valve that uses advanced controls and works with two electrically controlled, variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps and a gear pump (all Kawasaki) to deliver precisely regulated hydraulic flow across all operating modes for smoother operation and faster cycles.

The hydraulic valve’s spool-stroke control system monitors machine operation and responds with the correct hydraulic flow for that application, says LBX. The company explains that pilot pressure sensors detect the type of work being done—such as digging or leveling—and then relay that data to proportional solenoid valves that determine optimal hydraulic pressures required and minimize unneeded operational functions.

The operator’s station, with a ROPS/FOPS-certified cab, features three engine modes and 13 engine-speed settings designed to adjust the machine to the application. A large high-back seat has armrests that move proportionally with the operating consoles, and a 7-inch LED color monitor is easy to navigate, says the company. A standard rearview camera displays a panoramic view of the worksite with sight guidelines, and an available Wide Angle View Enhancement System provides a 270-degree viewing envelope.

Other notable new cab features, says LBX, include newly designed joysticks with easy-to-hold grips and radio mute buttons, standard control-pattern changer, dual halogen lights (with optional LED lighting), MP3 audio input, and hands-free communication (Bluetooth-enabled).

The new X4 models also are equipped with the RemoteCARE, GPS-enabled telematics system, allowing constant remote monitoring and security. RemoteCARE tracks both routine and major service intervals, as well as current machine health, to provide flexibility and control when determining when and where to service the machine, says the company. The system also provides real-time machine location. Diagnostic codes are available via the monitor to keep the operator informed of machine condition.

The X4 excavators also feature a number of front-linkage improvements, says LBX, including boss shaping on boom and arm pins to reduce stress, cast boom tips for improved reliability, and stronger cylinder mounts on the boom and arm. Structural improvements on the lower structure include a thicker travel-motor case, thicker plating between side frames and travel-motor cases, up to 7 percent larger track rollers, increased tread diameter on track rollers, and longer front idler hub.

LBX X4 Excavator Specifications


  • Operating weight: 56,900 pounds
  • Net power: 117 horsepower
  • Digging depth: 22 foot 8 inches


  • Operating weight: 63,600 pounds
  • Net power: 117 horsepower
  • Digging depth: 47 foot 9 inches


  • Operating weight: 67,000 pounds
  • Net power: 207 horsepower
  • Digging depth: 23 foot 4 inches


  • Operating weight: 82,400 pounds
  • Net power: 268 horsepower
  • Digging depth: 24 foot 1 inches

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