Kobelco Mark 9 has Hydraulic Refinement, More Power

By Walt Moore, Editor | June 28, 2012

The new SK170 hydraulic excavator, latest in the Kobelco range of Mark 9 models, features Kobelco’s fourth generation Intelligent Total Control System, designed to recognize operator input at the control levers and then to adjust hydraulics for best accomplishing the task. According to Kobelco, the new model—equipped with a Tier-4-I, 115-horsepower FPT engine that uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce oxides of nitrogen—can deliver up to 10 percent greater productivity and greater fuel efficiency, compared with its predecessor.

The SK170 Mark 9’s implement hydraulic system features Kobelco’s Power Boost system, designed to deliver an on-demand, 10-percent increase in bucket breakout force when extra digging power is required. In similar fashion, the Heavy-Lift feature is designed to provide 10 percent added lift and swing capacity; both new systems have no time limitation.

New hydraulic features include Kobelco’s integrated swing priority system, which, says the company, provides seamless and smooth transition of additional pump power to the swing function.  The machine’s automatic hydraulic regeneration feature is designed to speed hydraulic response and to reduce energy demands by redirecting hydraulic flow between cylinders, eliminating the need to pump this oil through the system.

Further hydraulic refinement, says Kobelco, is evident in the machine’s independent travel feature, which dedicates a hydraulic pump to the travel motors for consistent movement, even when the machine is performing simultaneous functions, such as when handling pipe while moving to the trench. New low-effort joysticks feature proportional control of auxiliary hydraulic functions.

A larger, isolation-mounted cab on the SK170 Mark 9, designed to reduce noise and vibration, features rollover (ROPS) and falling-object (FOPS) protection, repositioned controls, and moveable front and door windows. Added glass improves visibility from the sides of the cab, and an optional air-suspension seat with heated cushions is available. A wide-angle rearview camera with integrated monitor expands the operator’s view to the back of the machine.

Plug-in capability for telematics is standard on all Mark 9 excavators, and these machines also are compatible with grade control systems from leading suppliers to meet customer preference and applications. Kobelco offers a full selection of buckets, couplers and thumbs to expand versatility.

Kobelco SK170 Mark 9 Specifications

  • Operating weight: 38,656 pounds
  • Net power: 115 horsepower
  • Hydraulic pressure (main/boost): 4,970/5,480 psi
  • Hydraulic flow: 93 gpm
  • Dig depth, max: 21 feet 5 inches
  • Bucket capacity range: 0.45-1.36 cubic yards