John Deere 470G LC Excavator

October 26, 2016

The John Deere 470G LC excavator is the latest member of the company’s production-class equipment lineup to be updated to meet Tier 4-Final emissions standards.

The 367-horsepower model now features a Tier 4-Final 13.5L diesel engine, an enhanced LCD monitor with simplified navigation, and optional 2D/3D grade guidance sensor-mounting brackets that enable customers to install their preferred aftermarket grade-control system.

The 470G LC, which includes an automatically cleaning DPF to help meet emissions regulations, is sized for earthmoving, pipeline, and road-building projects.

Simplified maintenance is achieved with such features as a battery disconnect switch, spin-on fuel filters, and two additional water separators designed to maintain long fuel filter life.

The 470G LC’s DPF can go up to 15,000 hours, Deere says, before ash removal. Like the rest of Deere’s excavators, engine and hydraulic oil sample ports allow for convenient maintenance checks. In addition, an improved step position on the track frame and handrails on the upper structure provide multiple points of contact when accessing the engine compartment.

The unit is manufactured in Kernersville, N.C., and its optional 2D/3D grade guidance sensor mounting brackets are factory-welded to the boom, arm, dog bone, counterweight, and mainframe, enabling immediate installation of Topcon, Trimble, Leica or other grade-control systems.

The excavator includes other “smart” features, as well, such as an engine/hydraulic-management system with multiple productivity modes, which lets operators balance engine performance and hydraulic flow for predictable operation.

It also has an expansion tank in the cooling system that enhances air pursing, provides makeup fluid when needed, and improves overall cooling efficiency, according to the company. The cool-on-demand, hydraulically driven fan is a suction-type fan.

A programmable thumb attachment mode is also available and allows operators to program oil flow for thumb attachments via the monitor.

Fleet managers can call on John Deere dealers to provide Ultimate Uptime featuring John Deere WorkSight. With Ultimate Uptime, owners receive predelivery and follow-up inspections; five years of JDLink telematics, machine health prognostics and remote diagnostics, and programming capability; and the ability to add dealer-provided uptime solutions to customize the package to individual needs.

Deere 470G LC Basic Specifications

  • Horsepower: 367
  • Operating weight: 112,916 pounds
  • Max dig depth: 27 feet 2 inches
  • Arm dig force: 44,063-45,187 lb.