JCB 131X, 150X Crawler Excavators

September 10, 2019
JCB 131X crawler excavator carries material.
JCB 131X excavator has breakout force of 22,931 lb.-ft.

JCB 131X and 150X are new X Series crawler excavators with operating weights of 35,649 and 39,916 pounds, respectively. The 131X has a 74-horsepower JCB EcoMAX engine, and the 150X uses a 109-horsepower JCB EcoMAX engine.

Maximum dig depth for both excavators is 19 feet 10 inches, and breakout force on the 150X is 11 percent greater than the predecessor, due to a larger bucket cylinder. Power boost duration is increased from 3 seconds to 9 seconds, allowing for maximum bucket and dipper breakout for longer periods, the company says. The hydraulic oil cooler size is increased by 15 percent compared to earlier models. A larger Kawasaki hydraulic pump that can run at lower engine speeds, allowing 6 percent more productivity from every gallon of fuel.

JCB 150X excavator lifts pipe.
JCB 150X crawler excavator lifts pipe.

The 131X has breakout force of 22,931 lb.-ft., and it attains a fuel savings of 5 percent using Auto Idle and Auto Engine Stop features.
Sealed and pressurized CommandPlus Cabs are 15 percent larger than earlier models and includes an integrated ROPS frame. In-cab noise levels are reduced to 67 dB(A). Controls are mounted on the seat frame and move with the operator. Foot pedals, footrests, and tracking levers are also redesigned for operator comfort.

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