North Dakota Demo Event Promotes Education in Construction

May 6, 2024
Participants have the opportunity to operate equipment and path into the industry.

Approximately 100 students and participants operated dozers, skid steers, cranes, and excavators with the help from local construction workers during a demo day presented by the North Dakota Construction Leadership Council (NDCLC).

According to a report from, the aim of the event, held at Red River Valley Fairgrounds, is teaching students about their options in the construction fields. 

“It’s an opportunity for all the area local high school students and college students to come out and try their hand at running some heavy equipment that you see behind us,” said Craig Griesbach, NDCLC, in a statement. “They got a chance to look at some survey equipment and just explore some of the different careers available in the construction industry.”

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“We’ve actually had a lot of recruiting efforts out of it,” said Griesbach. “We catch them as early as sophomores in high school. It gives them an opportunity to explore what is out there for them, and then they reach out to several companies here and then they find out how they can get involved in the industry.”

NDCLC members doesn't limit its education to equipment operation, rather they divulge the various paths available to students interested in the trades.

“What our chaperone’s are doing here, they’re with the companies they’re operators, they’re sales representatives, and they can really highlight to the students the career paths that are available.” said Griesbach.

NDCLC will hold its next demo day in Bismarck on May 8th. 

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