Washington Struggles with State Infrastructure Funding

Jan. 5, 2024
Increases in project costs are cutting into the state’s budgets.

Infrastructure projects in Washington are coming in over projected costs, putting pressure on state legislators to find fix funding shortfalls.

The state’s 520 highway project at Portage Bay, for example, is expected to cost an additional $683 million, or 70% more than budgeted.

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A report on King5.com cited other projects that are going over budgeted amounts. Work to improve culverts for fish passage across the state could cost $4 billion more than expected, according to the report.

Marko Liias, senate transportation committee chair, told King 5 News he does not want to cancel any projects already approved by legislators. He added that lawmakers are looking at delaying projects and looking for ways to save money on those under construction, as well as raising new money to pay for the projects.

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