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Industry Insights: Fleets Lag on Telematics

The economy and a deeper understanding of the technology are delaying full implementation of telematics in construction equipment fleets.

April 01, 2013

Telemetrics is the all-encompassing term for the data today’s machines provide fleet managers, but telematics systems are the tools by which that data are collected. These “black boxes” have become standard issue on several brands of equipment, and various third-party providers will also mount the boxes to monitor machines.

The value of machine data was confirmed three years ago when AEMP introduced its Telematics Standard to aid the industry’s management of information. Implementation, however, has been slow.

Construction Equipment recently invited its subscribers to participate in an online survey to determine how prevalent and accepted telematics is, how the data are being used, and what may be delaying implementation.

Here are the results:

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