Hyundai HX130LCR Excavator

October 9, 2017
Hyundai HX130LCR excavaro has a standard operating weight of 29,750 pounds

The HX130LCR is the third compact-radius excavator in the HX series. The 13.5-ton machine also is available in a second, standard configuration, the HX130LCRD, which includes a dozer blade.

The HX130LCR uses a 73.6-horsepower Perkins 854F Tier 4-F engine and has a standard operating weight of 29,750 pounds; the LCRD model’s standard operating weight is 31,290 pounds. The new compact model has a maximum dig depth of 18.33 feet and a maximum reach of 27 feet. A 0.52-cubic-yard bucket is standard.

The HX130LCR also features the Hyundai IPC (Intelligent Power Control) computer-aided power-optimization system.

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