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Hydrotex Ruby-Tac 220 Construction Grease


Lubricants and Grease

Grease on a gear.
Hydrotex Ruby-Tac 220 is a multipurpose construction grease.

Ruby-Tac 220 is a multipurpose construction grease designed for use in both on- and off-road equipment.

The company describes it as a high-performance, tacky, lithium complex grease for heavy equipment. It features a multipurpose formula, extreme pressure protection, and water washout resistance, and is available in NLGI grades 2 and 1. It is also NLGI GC-LB certified. With an ISO 220 base oil viscosity, Ruby-Tac 220 is formulated for use in a wide range of applications including wheel bearings, pins and bushings, chassis components, u-joints, and fifth wheels.