Dash Cam & Data Companies to Help DOTs With Infrastructure

July 6, 2021

Two companies are collaborating on a way to use dash cam recordings to keep track of infrastructure needs such as faded lane dividers and potholes, according to a report by ZDNet.

The companies are dash cam-maker Nexar, and Blyncsy, a movement and data intelligence company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Blyncsy will use billions of images collected by Nexar's dash cams to support pilot programs for the New Mexico Department of Transportation, CalTrans, Utah, and other departments nationwide.

"We know that machine learning is only as strong as the data it depends on," Mark Pittman, CEO and founder of Blyncsy, told the website. "With this partnership, we're giving government agencies a magnifying glass for their infrastructure, plus the power of continuous pattern analysis and predictive analytics. We're excited to see how this combination can impact public servants, communities, and people everywhere."

ZDNet reports that federal data estimates half of the fatalities on America's roadways result when motorists leave their travel lanes. Asphalt pavement markings are a huge factor in reducing lane departure incidents, but DOTs have trouble determining where and when markings need to be upgraded with any reliability. With over four million miles of highway in the U.S., potholes are similarly difficult for DOTs to find and fix in a timely manner reliably.

Through the power of AI, billions of images collected by the dash cams may help, the site says. The images are mapped, contextualized, analyzed, and can be presented to state DOTs on a dashboard showing them in real-time where repairs are needed.

You can read the rest of ZDNet's report here.

Source: ZDNet