Wisconn Roofing Complete, Though Project Still Behind Schedule

Jan. 6, 2020

The roofing on Wisconsin's new manufacturing facility, “Wisconn,” has been completed, according to an announcement by Foxconn Technology Group and construction manager Gilbane Exyte. Foxconn officials told Kenosha News that having the building enclosed and “weather tight” met the company's year-end goal for 2019.

Although the project is making progress, Milwaukee JS Online reports its overall pacing has still fallen short of expectations. According to the article, Mount Pleasant was “supposed to have transferred title over to Foxconn six months ago for about 244 acres of land in the company’s development zone, but the village has held off until it is sure Foxconn is prepared to use the land.”

Two years into its development, Foxconn has also invested less at the site than projected in a November 2017 document.

Source: Kenosha News & Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online