[VIDEO] Foxconn Walls Going Up in Wisconsin

August 21, 2019
Foxconn logo against a white background.

Foxconn’s walls are finally going up at its manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant. According to a TMJ 4 Milwaukee report, more than 400 concrete precast panels are going up, and structural steel works begins next week. About 200 construction workers are now on location, and $175 million has been awarded in contracts. 

In addition to the panels, work is also being done on roadways in what is known as Area 1. 

Adam Jelen with Gilbane told TMJ 4 that their current goal is to complete building the building’s enclosure before winter begins. Foxconn wants to be manufacturing by the end of 2020.

Although construction is underway, the project still does not reflect the original plants Foxconn said it would execute. Now, the company is building a smaller scale facility known as a Gen 6 that is still large in size. 

Source: TMJ 4 Milwaukee