VIDEO: Trump Calls Infrastructure a ‘Bipartisan Policy’

March 26, 2019

Transport Topics suggests that the outlook for U.S. infrastructure policy may improve after President Donald Trump declared it capable of bringing Democrats and Republicans together.

“They want it. I want it,” Trump said on Fox Business on March 22, saying he discussed the idea with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has also said infrastructure  has bipartisan potential, and recently indicated her caucus is readying a bill.

In the State of the Union, Trump called on congress to advance infrastructure policy. The goal is to consider a long-term measure, and Democrats support backing a bill primarily through federal funds. Congressional Republicans however, have advocated for enhancing the private sector’s role in infrastructure management.

Trump also added he prefers the federal government to maintain ownership of certain roads and bridges, noting “I don’t like selling them to other countries.”

The parties have not yet agreed on a funding approach for the bill.

Source: Transport Topics