Trump Administration to Attempt Infrastructure Pledge Again

December 4, 2018
President Trump.

The Trump administration is in preparation for another attempt at a $1 trillion upgrade of the nation’s road, rail, and energy infrastructure.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a package that would have made cities and states come up with 80 percent of funding for infrastructure improvements did not pass in Congress, with Republicans voting to increase spending in existing grant programs that send federal money to local governments. This time, the plans will likely include more federal cash, making it more likely to pass with the new Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives.

Peter DeFazio, a (D., Oregon), said a successful infrastructure deal would have to include major federal funding. A White House official confirmed Trump was open to the plan.

“This isn’t going to get done without support from the president,” Mr. DeFazio told the Wall Street Journal.

Senator Susan Collins (R., Maine) is among the Republicans willing to “strike a deal.”

The declining quality of infrastructure is “creating a serious threat to our economy and safety,” Collins said in a statement. “I have long believed that an infrastructure package could be an avenue for bipartisanship and deliver positive, lasting results.”

In meetings with lawmakers in 2017, the president criticized public-private partnerships, which could have been a “vital tool in making the administration’s program work,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Hope for a future deal will seemingly depend on whether both parties can set aside conflict in other areas.

Source: The Wall Street Journal